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Tasty fresh bramble shoots

Brambles, Tea and Apple Sauce

At The Donkey Sanctuary in Birmingham we have been trying out new forms of enrichment to keep our donkeys stimulated, happy and healthy...

Donkey in barn

Animal welfare science Dr Dolittle style!

Just like Dr Dolittle, I bet you talk to your animals and some of you may say your animals talk right back!

Indiana recovering in hospital

Special care to get Spanish foal suckling

The Donkey Sanctuary’s team in Spain is currently taking special care of a newborn foal who is starting life with a struggle.

Forthcoming events

Stage 1: Introduction to Donkey Care

Stage 1: Introduction to Donkey Care

23 May 2017. Sidmouth, Devon
Donkey experience day

All Things Donkey

24 May 2017. Slade House Farm, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 0NU
Stage 2: Introduction to Donkey Health Care

Stage 2: Introduction to Donkey Health Care

24 May 2017. Sidmouth, Devon