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Sorrel and Flash, now best friends

Tragedy strikes on Good Friday

Can you imagine carrying out your normal morning routines going to the donkey stable to find the gate open and no donkeys in sight?

RSPCA photographs from the scene

Woman who abandoned 20 animals at livery yard is sentenced in court

A woman who abandoned 20 animals - including two donkeys - at a livery yard has been handed a five-year ban on keeping animals.

Exhausted mule in El Rocio

The exhausted mule of El Rocio

Every year in June, the Spanish town of El Rocio plays host to a pilgrimage attracting nearly a million people and 20,000 equines.

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Stage 4: Introduciton to Donkey Behaviour

Stage 4: Introduction to Donkey Behaviour

22 June 2017. Sidmouth, Devon

Birmingham - Restricted Access

25 June 2017. Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham B74 2YT