Find out what it takes to rehome a pair of donkeys or mules in the UK. Could you be a Donkey Guardian and become part of our rehoming scheme?

Earn your wings

Through our rehoming scheme, people like you can offer a caring home for two or more of our donkeys in the UK. In return for love, care and attention, the donkeys will reward you with affection by the bucket load.

The Donkey Sanctuary and our team of local Welfare Advisers are on hand to provide all of the support and training you need.

Read on to find out if becoming a Donkey Guardian is right for you and ‘earn your wings’ by caring for donkeys that need a loving home. Our rehoming scheme also includes mules.

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Rehome a donkey

Have you got what it takes?

Donkeys are very sociable animals and make fantastic companions. In return, they need your time, love and attention. Your ownDonkey Guardian pack life will be transformed too - the joy and fulfilment of living with donkeys is hard to beat.

Please note under the terms of our rehoming scheme, we would request that the donkeys are managed and housed separately to all other animals, including equines.

Join a community of Donkey Guardians in the UK and embrace new challenges and adventures. Play a valued role in the work of The Donkey Sanctuary - we have over 7,000 rescued donkeys in our care. 

Donkey Guardians are essential to us, they help free up vital space on our farms and provide dedicated care to our donkeys. As a Donkey Guardian you’ll earn our unending gratitude and complete support.

Guardian checklist

There are a few things that all Donkey Guardians should have before they can rehome a pair of donkeys. Don’t worry if you don’t have all this in place yet - we’ll support you every step of the way:

  • Approximately one acre of safe land for a pair of donkeys
  • An area of hard standing to help protect your donkeys feet
  • Access to shelter or a stable to protect your donkeys from the elements
  • Robust fencing to keep your donkeys safe
  • Time and commitment to allow your donkeys to become a big part of your life
  • Provide for their daily needs, including food and bedding
  • The means to cover routine health care, including dental, farriery and other veterinary costs, for your donkeys
  • A big heart to give your donkeys all the love and attention they deserve
  • We ask that all of our applicants undertake a donkey care training course which is provided free of charge
  • We ask that all homes take out third party insurance cover, we would advise you also consider having cover for vets bills.

Please do make sure that you have read the terms and conditions before you progress, it is not as heavy a read as it sounds!

The form will take about 20 minutes to complete, so get comfy, put your hooves up, and start your application.

Ready to become a donkey guardian?

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