Every gift, large or small, makes a life-saving difference.

In the UK your legacy will help honour our pledge never to turn away from donkeys and mules who desperately need help. Your kindness will help give every single abandoned and abused animal that we care for a safe and loving home for the rest of their lives.

Overseas, your generosity could help to transform the lives of millions of donkeys and mules working with some of the poorest communities in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Help us strive to ensure that every donkey lives free from suffering

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Why I'm leaving a legacy for donkeys

Ann Toogood
Ann Toogood,

My family has a long standing tradition of supporting The Donkey Sanctuary. It all began with my father's two elderly aunts who were great donkey lovers, as was my mother and I've inherited a soft spot for donkeys from her.

Over the years I used to bring my parents down to visit the donkeys in Sidmouth and at Christmas we would adopt donkeys for the grandchildren of the family.

I've decided to leave The Donkey Sanctuary a bequest in my will. My family will come first, but then I'm planning to leave what's left to charity. It's important to me that the work of the sanctuary carries on and this is one way that I can help.

The commitment of The Donkey Sanctuary to give care and love to thousands of donkeys worldwide is something that I am proud to be associated with. However small my contribution, I am made to feel that 'every little bit helps'.

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Thank you for considering whether leaving a legacy to The Donkey Sanctuary is right for you.