Discover the world of Donkey Assisted Activities and how they benefit both donkeys and humans.

For many years, we have promoted the self-development of many children and adults through the benefits of being in the presence of donkeys. Donkeys are highly intuitive animals, able to sense subtle changes in their environment; by simply observing their responses to us, we can learn to regulate our body language, thoughts and emotions.

We offer Donkey Assisted Activities (DAA) at our centres including Donkey Facilitated Learning (DFL), Donkey Management Programme (DMP) and Wellbeing with Donkeys (WWD). These ground-based activities support the development of people's life skills and wellbeing, helping individuals to better deal with challenges in everyday life, while also promoting positive attitudes towards donkeys.

There is a referral process to access our services. Anyone interested in accessing one of our DAA programmes must first obtain support through a referral organisation. This is an organisation that will offer support and signpost additional support areas during and after the DAA programme. If you are interested in becoming a client or a partnership organisation, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the centre that you are interested in below.

Shared Journeys

Amber's parents, Julian and Tracy, were given the news that she was unlikely ever to walk or talk, followed by a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. After several unsuccessful attempts at other therapy types, Julian and Tracy brought Amber to our Birmingham sanctuary to work with Shocks. As Amber's mother, Tracy, said: "It was as if they understood each other's pain. Like two broken beings, helping each other.

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