As a charity we have to fundraise in as many different ways as possible. Playing our lottery is one way you can make a real difference.

When you play it’s fun and rewarding, because as well as giving you a chance to win, the donkeys also win.

Plus, there’s a £1,000 weekly jackpot up for grabs! Play for just £1 per entry for your chance to win.

Playing is really simple. When you join, you’ll pick how many entries you would like each week. The more entries you play the more chances you have to win.

Every week, we put all the entries into the lottery draw and a random number generator picks out the winners. The first picked receives the jackpot of £1,000, the second receives £250, and so on. We send out all the prizes on the day of the draw, so if you win you don’t need to claim – you’ll just receive a cheque in the post.

Join The Donkey Sanctuary Weekly Lottery

You can pay for your entries in advance by Direct Debit. If you choose to pay monthly, for each entry you play we’ll take either £4 or £5 depending on how many Fridays there are in the month. That means you’ll play in all of those draws for your chance to win.

Weekly Lottery Prizes

  • First prize £1,000
  • Second prize £250
  • Third prize £100
  • Fourth prize 30 x £5 prizes.


If you are one of our wonderful lottery players, you can find out if you are a winner by checking the latest draw results.


Before you sign up, make sure you read our lottery rules.

Through our lottery you can play a vital role in our work.

Thank you.