Our work in the UK revolves around the twin pillars of welfare and wellbeing. In essence, we strive for happy and healthy donkeys.

For 50 years, we have ensured that donkeys in the UK live in a good state of welfare and enjoy safe and fulfilled lives - free from pain, injury, disease, hunger and thirst. We also aspire to greater donkey wellbeing – for donkeys to have optimal physical and mental health, experience stable relationships and enjoy appropriate physical exercise and mental stimulation.

To help us achieve our vision, we have six public-facing sanctuaries across the UK; they are home to over 7,000 donkeys and help promote donkey-human interaction. We also operate seven closed farms that provide a refuge for rescued donkeys and offer professional training for prospective Donkey Guardians, staff, volunteers and donkey handlers.

Our community of Donkey Guardians play a highly valued role in our UK work, helping to free up vital space on our farms and provide dedicated care to our donkeys.

With the number of herds under our care, we are uniquely positioned to gather evidence and publish research to help grow the knowledge base around optimal donkey care.