Learn about the research that The Donkey Sanctuary carried out and supported in 2020, and the difference this makes to the lives of donkeys and mules.

Research at The Donkey Sanctuary focuses solely on improving the health and welfare of donkeys and mules worldwide. All our research is non-invasive (nothing we do will ever cause pain or distress to the animals involved) and aims to inform us of ways we can improve the lives of donkeys and mules. 

Our research focus is broad and dynamic and includes research focused on veterinary, welfare, socio-economic status of donkeys and their owners, the importance of donkeys and mules to ecosystems and conservation, free-roaming and feral donkeys, farming, production, dental health, harness and draft power, behaviour and wellbeing, physical health, physiology and morphology, and their value to communities in low- and middle-income countries.

2020 was an incredibly successful year for all our research outputs, and we are delighted to share our 2020 research successes with you here. There are too many projects to list, but we have included as many as possible, presenting research highlights and demonstrating what this means for donkeys and mules worldwide.

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