Connie's Christmas hero

Some heroes don’t always make the news. Like you and Adele, working together to help donkeys in desperate need.

And help save more donkeys from neglect and abuse.


Adele is doing what we know you’d want to do if you heard about donkeys suffering neglect and abuse. Freezing cold mornings, icy winter weather and scrubby fields don’t stop her reaching donkeys in need of help. Just like last New Year’s Eve when Connie, David and Theo were rescued.

The three donkeys were in a terrible state when Adele and her team reached them. Shivering in the cold with skinny frames and sad eyes, they were scared and infested with lice. It was only Adele’s experience that shielded her from the anger and sadness she felt.

Thanks to generous people like you, Connie, David and Theo were saved from a life of neglect and taken to safety. They received the expert veterinary care they needed, nutritious food to aid their recovery and lots of love and affection.

As their recovery continues all three have blossomed into confident and loving donkeys. Connie now has a new best friend Jelly, the pair are inseparable and do everything together. David and Theo have found their place in a group with other boys, and can often be found playing together in their yard or paddock. Thanks to your support this Christmas will be much happier for all three donkeys.

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