The Donkey Sanctuary has welcomed the news that the Government is publishing a new animal welfare bill to increase sentences for animal cruelty and recognise animal sentience in domestic law.

Mike Baker, chief executive of The Donkey Sanctuary, says: “The announcement is a significant step forward in animal welfare standards and we very much welcome it. The Donkey Sanctuary has said all along that we have a moral duty to treat animals in a humane and compassionate way and that leaving the EU must not lead to any watering down of existing standards on animal welfare.”

Mike continued: “The Government’s proposed new bill suggests that animals in the UK will be even better protected post-Brexit and out of Article 13 of the EU Treaty.

"The Donkey Sanctuary, along with other leading animal welfare bodies in the UK, also welcomes the increase to sentences for animal cruelty. These new suggestions can only be a good thing and we look forward to the Government sharing further details with us.”