Writing exclusively for The Donkey Sanctuary on his birthday, our ambassador Peter Wright - The Yorkshire Vet - shares his story about how our veterinary team helped him treat a donkey named Mabel.

Peter Wright, The Yorkshire Vet, spends some time with Billy O at The Donkey Sanctuary Leeds

Peter Wright catches up with Billy O at The Donkey Sanctuary Leeds

"Mr and Mrs Green, who you may know from their regular appearances on Channel 5’s The Yorkshire Vet, regularly phone me with updates on the health of their many animals.

"They have two donkeys named Mabel and Sybil, who both have lovely characters. In late spring this year, Mrs Green was very concerned that the older one, Mabel, had lost a little weight. On examination, there was no obvious cause of the weight loss and Mrs Green informed me that a few weeks previously they had had their routine worming.

"I took some blood and dung samples from Mabel and submitted them to The Donkey Sanctuary laboratory for analysis. The superb veterinary team at The Donkey Sanctuary are always available to external vets and are more than happy to share their fantastic knowledge and expertise whenever we need donkey advice!

"Mabel’s bloods came back fine, but the wormer used had not been particularly effective. After using a different wormer, Mabel is now in the same excellent condition as her friend and confidante Sybil.

"As the charity’s ambassador, it’s important to me to help promote positive attitudes towards donkeys and to let donkey owners and clinicians working in donkey care know that The Donkey Sanctuary is available to offer free help and support."