A desperate Spanish donkey has been saved from the brink of dying in horrific circumstances by The Donkey Sanctuary’s Spanish team.

When the local Civil Guard of Almeria received a call from a concerned neighbour, they arrived at a rural house to find one neglected donkey tied to the dead body of another.

Fenix laying down and abandoned in a stable
Fenix was found tied to the dead body of another donkey.
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It was clear to the officials that this elderly female and young male had been in a state of neglect in their prison for a number of months.

The remaining donkey had no food and no water; he had just been left there to meet the same fate as his female friend.

The authorities immediately seized the donkey that was still alive, and called on our Spanish team to take care of him. El Refugio del Burrito responded as quickly as they could for Fenix – the name given to him in reference to him ‘rising from the ashes.’

He was immediately provided veterinary and nutritional care and was taken to a temporary residence nearby.

Fenix now okay standing in a yard
Fenix is recovering in a foster home until we can find him a loving forever home.
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“Every minute counts to save an animal's life,” says El Refugio del Burrito’s Rosa Chaparro. “Sometimes we don't make it on time, sometimes it's too late. We must continue to fight against injustice, abuse and neglect.

“We had to look for a temporary residence close to where he was, given that he was in such a state of malnutrition it was not advisable to travel because we would have put his life in danger.”

The owner was sentenced to six months in prison for animal mistreatment and has been banned from owning any animals for three years.

Fenix though is getting better by the day in his foster home, and eventually we hope we can find him a loving forever home where he can forget his previous life of abandonment and neglect.

His health has improved so much already, and the little donkey is becoming an affable, affectionate character, who has been given a second chance of happiness thanks to your support.

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