The team at our Belfast sanctuary were excited to welcome three new donkeys called Faith, Hope and Charity to its herd this month.

The donkeys, aged eight, six and five respectively, originally came into our care in 2017 after being abandoned for several months on the outskirts of Belfast.

All three were showing common signs of neglect when they were rescued. Faith, in particular, caused us a lot of concern because of her overgrown hooves, which were causing her significant pain and discomfort.

Following their rescue, the donkeys received expert treatment and care at a local holding base before joining the herd at our Belfast sanctuary.

Despite their ordeal, they have become friendly, affectionate and inquisitive characters who love attention and cuddles.

Lorraine Nelson, our Belfast centre manager, said: “It really is heartwarming to see the transformation of these beautiful mares both physically and mentally. We will continue their rehabilitation over the next few weeks to prepare them for the next stage in their journey – a loving Guardian home, where they will continue to be safe and cared for."