When she became unwell, it was unthinkable that Bonnie should undergo treatment without quiet, dependable May by her side.

Bonnie and May are the closest of friends, so when Bonnie needed urgent treatment for a sarcoid – a type of skin tumour – on her eyelid that threatened to affect her sight, naturally May came too.

Donkeys can form strong bonds with their friends and separation can cause extreme stress – sometimes even leading to life-threatening conditions. Our new hospital is uniquely designed to keep friends together as much as possible.

Your support has meant that, while Bonnie underwent surgery, May was able to wait nearby.  Afterwards, the first thing Bonnie saw was May; being together throughout really helped minimise stress to Bonnie and aid her recovery.

Thanks to you, the new hospital is kitted out with essential and advanced equipment. Laser surgery wasn’t an option for Bonnie, with the sarcoid unfortunately being so close to her eye, so she underwent chemotherapy.

Bonnie needed to be kept in isolation - something difficult to achieve in our old hospital. Now, thanks to the location and layout of our new hospital it’s much easier to implement the biosecurity measures needed to keep patients, healthy donkey herds and the public safe.

After treatment, Bonnie and May stayed together in their own paddock where they could live and exercise in peace while Bonnie recovered.

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