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Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Happy Father's Day

Dads come in all shapes and sizes, just like donkeys. Some dads are big and strong, some are small and soft. Some dads are naughty, some are sensible. Yet the most important thing is that they’re your dad – or even your husband, grandad or just a great friend.

This Father’s Day a charity gift is the perfect way to honour someone with such a big heart. It costs just £24 to adopt a donkey – just £2 a month – and in return your special man will receive a friend for life and you’ll help The Donkey Sanctuary to care for mules and donkeys in the UK and across Europe.

Plus, adopting a donkey is also the perfect last minute gift. You can easily purchase an adoption online and download the certificate at home. This year we’re also giving you the opportunity to download an exclusive Donkey Sanctuary card to complete your gift. You can choose from 2 pre-coloured designs to print at home, or, if you’re feeling crafty, 2 designs to colour in with the family.

With 23 donkeys to adopt there are plenty of personalities to pick from. So what kind of dad do you have?

The Teacher

Patient, caring and wise – your dad is great at helping you out. Whether it’s with homework or DIY jobs around the house, your dad is someone that can be relied upon – just like Cocoa.

Cocoa spent 12 years helping children with additional needs at our Donkey Assisted Therapy Centre in Manchester.

His gentle nature made him an essential part of the team. Now retired, Cocoa lives in Sidmouth.

He’s a real gentleman and a handsome looking chap with a glossy chocolate-brown coat.

The Mischief Maker

As the joker of the family, your dad knows how to have fun. He loves a good practical joke and likes to keep everyone on their toes. A bit like our Ashley.

Orphaned at birth Ashley had a hard start to life, but he’s come on leaps and bounds (quite literally).

Ashley has a radar for fun and a big personality. He likes nothing more than getting up to no good with his friends Zena and Mr Khan.

Together they spend most of their time flying around their paddock, teasing each other and playing chase.

The Competitor

Football, tennis, golf – your dad loves a bit of sport. Or maybe he’s really competitive and loves a quiz or a board game. Just like Walter, he knows the score.

Walter is an active, fun-loving donkey with a talent for football. He loves to show off his hoof skills and kick a ball around his paddock.

He’s also got a big appetite. Walter and his half-brother Timothy can often be found trying to break into the food shed, but unfortunately for them their grooms are wise to their antics.

Fancy a game?

The Softie

A little on the quiet side, your dad loves nothing better than a bit of quality family time. He’s an expert cuddler who can always cheer you up when you need it. Just like Eeyore.

A quiet donkey, Eeyore can be a little timid at first, but he’s much braver when his best friend Pooh is around.

This pair are thick as thieves and they love spending time together, nibbling on carrots, munching apples and soaking up the sunshine.

Eeyore is a big softie and loves lots of love and affection.

The Boss


There’s no doubt who’s in charge in your family – dad’s the boss. Keeping you all organised is a full-time job for your dad, but he always gets you there on time – like Cisco.

He might only be 87cm tall, but don’t be fooled – Cisco is a miniature donkey with a larger than life personality. He might not take up much room but the other donkeys certainly know who’s in charge.

Cisco runs the show at his home in Birmingham and he keeps company with the biggest boys in the herd.

Adoption donkeys

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