Dora's story has a happy ending but, sadly not all cases end this way. With your help today, more donkeys like Dora will receive the vital, life-saving support and care they need.

Dora didn’t even have the strength to bray when we found her, let alone stand up. The Donkey Sanctuary's Welfare Adviser Hannah Bryer knew that Dora needed urgent help and her diary extracts below track Dora's moving rescue.

Thursday morning - 7 January

What an awful day. I was called out to help Dora; she was in an atrocious state. Literally at death's door. Collapsed in a filthy cattle trailer, covered by a grimy duvet and clearly in great discomfort.

Dora was nothing more than skin and bone. As I comforted her I could feel her ribs and see big sore bald patches of skin around her ears and legs. Her beautiful soft muzzle is covered in scabs. She was in such a state.

She could barely lift her head to drink. The vet should be here soon. I do hope we are in time to help her. Come on Dora, please keep trying.

Thursday afternoon - 7 January

Dora was given some pain relief and she seemed to relax a bit. Four of us tried to get her to her feet but she just couldn’t manage it.

She was just too weak and had to lie back down. But I have never seen a more determined donkey than Dora. There is still a glimmer of hope.

Thursday evening - 7 January

Dora made it to the clinic! We literally had to pick her up and carry her but we got her there. She is in intensive care and her odds are not good but Dora is a fighter and she will get every bit of care and medical attention she needs.

Thank goodness we have so many dedicated supporters, without their help I don’t know where we would be. Without them, Dora would not have had a chance.

Dora needed emergency treatment
Dora hidden under a duvet
Dora needed emergency treatment

A better day - 12 January

After five days in intensive care, Dora has managed to get to her feet! She is still extremely weak but she stood for a minute or two. She is still too frail for the yard but we have laid a deep bed of paper shavings to make her comfortable.

There’s a long journey ahead. I do hope we can count on our supporters for all the intensive care Dora will need.

One week on - we can breathe again!

I think we have turned a corner. Dora is outside looking so much better and she is really enjoying the green grass.

It was a lovely moment today when I heard Dora bray for the very first time. A sure sign she is on the road to recovery.

Dora after arrival
Dora after being rescued
Dora today