Sanctuary From Your Sofa is our award-winning live-streamed donkey experience. Catch up on all of our broadcasts here. 

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What is Sanctuary From Your Sofa?

We recognise that it is not always possible for you to come and visit us, so we have made it easier for our donkeys and staff to visit you instead. Sit back, relax and enjoy virtual days out at the sanctuary from the comfort of your sofa.

For those looking to meet our wonderful donkeys, each broadcast dedicates some time to catch up with our resident donkeys. Whether you're looking for your adopted donkey, an opportunity to get to know our Poitous or to mingle with our miniatures - there's a donkey catch up for everyone.

We also have some segments dedicated to learning. Our team of experts provide insight on a range of topics, from how we keep our donkeys healthy and happy through to understanding donkey behaviour.

The live-streamed events are broadcast on our social media channels and on our website.

Can't wait to watch? You can catch up on our broadcasts above.

When is the next Sanctuary From Your Sofa live event?

We are currently planning the next Sanctuary From Your Sofa live-stream, but aren't ready to publish the details yet. We can, however, promise that it is going to be filled with excitement!

If you just can't wait, then you can re-watch our earlier broadcasts above.

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