Our award-winning Sanctuary From Your Sofa live-streamed virtual event returned for Easter Sunday. Sit back and enjoy an Easter with The Donkey Sanctuary.

This year, Easter coincided with International Carrot Day, so our donkeys had a great day. Catch up with your adoption donkeys and other favourites, hear from our staff and engage in some fun activities.

You can watch the videos on this page or via our YouTube channel.

Donkeys defy the odds - Rerecord

Shelter 4

We strive for a world where donkeys and mules live free from suffering. Ashley and Zena overcame uncertain futures with us by their side, and we'll be reflecting on their stories and how they've grown into happy and healthy donkeys. We'll be talking about the steps we take to ensure all donkeys live a fulfilled life.

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Spot the difference

Shelter 6

A donkey's a donkey, no matter how tall - but do you think you could recognise them all? We went live in the morning with a visit to our magnificent mules and their Poitou pal. Adoption mule Millie was there alongside Jump and Dartanyan to teach us how to distinguish between donkeys and mules.

Donkey TLC

Ivybridge, Belfast & Manchester

A lot goes into looking after donkeys! We went cross-country to spend some time with our donkeys and the grooms who look after them. We explored various topics and checked in on Eeyore and Pooh at Ivybridge, Alfie and Benjy in Belfast and Henry and Tiny Tim at our Manchester sanctuary.

Fascinating facts about donkeys

Shelter 2 & Flagpole Paddocks

Did you know a donkey looks like it's smiling when its processing smells? Or that donkeys can live beyond 40? To help delve into the wonderful world of donkey facts, we joined Timothy and Walter at Shelter 2 before making our way over to the Flagpole Paddocks to check in with Bonnie and her friend.

Forever friends

Leeds & Birmingham

As life-long lovers, donkeys form strong emotional bonds with each other and the humans they encounter. We stopped in at Leeds to catch up with Billy O, Harbin and Ripple and Birmingham to see Cisco, Jimmy, Oscar and Shocks.

So you think you know donkeys?

Shelter 1

For the final broadcast of the day, we returned to Sidmouth to catch up with Ruby, Hannah and Cocoa. We delved deeper into donkeys' behaviour, intelligence, and personality, dispelling some common myths along the way with our expert donkey behaviour expert Ben Hart.

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Of course - you'll be able to catch up on anything you miss on this page or on our YouTube channel.

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No. We didn't broadcast this virtual event through Facebook, but you are still able to watch on this page or through our YouTube channel.

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