When devastating floods hit Maharashtra State in India, thousands of donkeys were left in need of emergency care. Thankfully, The Donkey Sanctuary has funded a local charity to provide support to the disaster-stricken donkeys.

At a time of disaster, donkeys are seldom at the forefront of relief attention. With our help, however, the Donkey Sanctuary Welfare Association (DWSA) in India have been able to step in and provide vital care for the donkeys left behind.

Urgent help for donkeys in Maharashtra State

With supports suggesting that over 150,000 people had been evacuated from areas affected by flooding, the team knew that they would need to act fast in order to reach as many donkeys as possible.

Ceris Turner-Bailes, Interim Programmes Director for The Donkey Sanctuary said: “The flooding in India means that potentially thousands of donkeys are suffering, and so with the help of DSWA we are able to reach the animals in greatest need, as quickly as possible.”

The team targeted Vishnughat, located on the bank of the Krishna River. Vishnughat is one of the worst hit areas, where the river has reportedly risen to 8ft. 68 donkeys have been said to have gone missing from this area alone.

Relief for donkeys in India floods
Relief for donkeys at Vishnughat.
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The charity has also visited other areas such as Krupamai, Subash Nagar, Shamrao and Ghandi Chowk, where more than 165 donkeys have been reported missing.

As well as providing veterinary treatment, the charity has also been providing vital feed and mineral supplements to the hundreds of donkeys suffering in these areas.

Life after disaster

After the flood waters recede, the donkeys will be vital in helping communities to get back to a semblance of normal life. The devastation suffered by the residents of Maharashtra State is almost unimaginable, but their beloved donkeys can make a hard and tragic time more bearable.

Ceris adds: “Donkeys in India allow thousands of people to earn a living, and so helping to rescue these animals will help the affected communities to start rebuilding their lives.”

The Donkey Sanctuary aims to ensure that every donkey affected by a major disaster receives prompt and expert care, and will maintain contact with the DSWA as they monitor the progress of the affected donkeys. If needed, we will be ready to lend a helping hand by providing more funding to secure a safe future for them.

Madhu Kapoor, Chairperson for the DSWA, said: “Due to the number of donkeys affected, the situation warrants an emergency response, which we would be unable to do without the support of The Donkey Sanctuary.

"The funds we have received will allow us to provide shelter, food, water and medicines to the donkeys that need it the most.”

Your support can help donkeys in disaster