Donkeys and mules are used to carry cargo in many parts of the world and their heavy loads are often placed directly on the donkey's back or on ill-fitting pack saddles that rub against the donkey's skin, causing nasty and sometimes life-threatening wounds.

A simple and inexpensive pack saddle can make a big difference in reducing a donkey's discomfort.

How to make, fit and use

This resource, combined with the accompanying video, is designed to help you to create a simple, affordable pack saddle.

The booklet covers the tools you will need, how to measure your donkey, how to stitch, seal and quilt the pack saddle as well as provide information on caring and repairing.

With thanks to...

Chris Garrett, international harness consultant at The Donkey Sanctuary, has worked with us since 2007 to develop a global team of harness makers, officers and champions around the world.

Poor or inappropriate harness design, materials, use and maintenance are key causes of poor donkey welfare so Chris and the harness teams work to improve existing harness designs and train people to make and use the improved models.

Chris's excellent technical input and guidance have been fundamental in creating this resource and we are sincerely grateful for his time, energy, skills, passion and good humour.

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Booklet and videos cover everything you need.