A YouGov survey saw 55% of the general public associate donkeys with the “stubborn” label. Learn more about why this reputation is unjustified.

Why does this misunderstanding exist?

This misunderstanding stems from three donkey characteristics:

  • A stoic nature with very subtle body language, especially when showing pain or fear
  • A natural propensity to freeze when threatened or frightened
  • A strong sense of self-preservation.

When these characteristics are combined, it can be easy to misinterpret a donkey’s refusal to complete an activity as stubbornness.

If my donkey is not being stubborn what might it be telling me?

The following may be motivating your donkey’s behaviour:

  • Pain
  • Fear
  • Not understanding the required behaviour
  • The behaviour or attitude of the handler.


Refrain from labelling your donkey as “stubborn” and analyse for underlying causes that may be hiding under their body language.

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