We have produced a Donkey Care Handbook and a number of fact sheets to answer every question in all areas of donkey care, as well as providing training courses for people who are planning to own or to rehome a pair of donkeys.

To provide the best welfare for your fit, healthy donkeys you need to provide the following:

  • Companionship, high fibre diet, 24 hour access to shelter, restricted grazing, training and daily handling, mental stimulation, environmental enrichment, daily grooming and health checks, regular veterinary care, regular feet care, regular dental care, illness prevention measures, daily stable management, pasture management and individual care
  • Young and elderly donkeys, or those with veterinary conditions, may have additional needs and differing management practices.

Information for donkey owners

We have a wide range of information to help donkey owners keep their animals fit and well.

    Care of your donkey


    Management of the environment



    Quality of life and welfare


    If you would like to find out more about looking after your donkeys and mules, visit our webinars page for all the latest recordings.

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