This trade in donkey skins, in both its legal and illegal forms, is resulting in a chain of welfare issues for the donkeys at every step, from sourcing to transport and finally slaughter. These issues can’t be ignored - the donkeys' welfare and their real value supporting people’s livelihoods is at risk.

We call for a halt to the trade in donkey skins to produce ejiao until the impact of the trade can be assessed and shown to be both humane for donkeys and sustainable for the communities that depend on them.

In particular, we urge other countries affected by this trade to follow the lead taken by Burkina Faso and Niger and ban the slaughter and export of donkeys for their skins.

We urge governments and the industry to join us in raising public awareness about the impact of this trade so that ejiao consumers can make an informed choice.

We call on governments and local authorities to join efforts to support affected communities, protecting them from the illegal trade and preventing the decimation of donkeys through the legal trade.

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