Mouth-watering recipes for you to enjoy with your family. Our chefs have come up with some great recipe ideas to make at home using staple ingredients from your kitchen cupboards.

Meet the chefs

Chris Morris is our Head Chef in The Kitchen and heads a team of four other chefs. Senior Sous Chef, Tracey Anning-Bennett has also put on her inventive chef's hat to join Chris in delivering a selection of recipes.

Chef - Chris Morris
Chef - Tracey Anning-Bennett
The Kitchen - view over paddocks
Left: Chris Morris (Head Chef). Top: Tracey Anning-Bennett (Senior Sous Chef). Bottom: The Kitchen view.

Chris started his career over 20 years ago in London, then moved to the South West after working in Sydney, Australia. He enjoys working with fresh, local, seasonal produce, treating the ingredients simply to make them the stars of the dishes. Chris believes in the importance of constantly learning and is currently exploring ways, with his team, to create more interesting vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Tracey has 28 years experience in the catering industry, working and learning from many different chefs over the years in a number of high-quality hotels, pubs and restaurants. Living and working in such a beautiful rural coastal area, Tracey enjoys using an abundance of quality local produce from both the land and sea as the basis for all the dishes at The Kitchen. She also has a passion for baking cakes, pastries and breads.

Recipe ideas

Sweet ideas

Savoury ideas