Our Philanthropy Team is here for individuals and Trusts wanting to make a major impact on the lives of donkeys and their communities. Find out more about making a philanthropic gift to The Donkey Sanctuary.

Help us make a sustainable difference to donkeys and their owners.


The Donkey Sanctuary is the leading charity championing donkey welfare across the globe. In the UK, we care for over 6,500 abandoned and relinquished donkeys. We also focus on improving the outlook of the 45 million donkeys and mules across the developing world and the hundreds of thousands of people that rely on them.

A major gift can help save donkeys like Molly and Phoebe from a lifetime of pain and misery and give them the life they deserve. Every year, we rescue over 100 donkeys from dangerous and squalid living conditions. We give them a loving, safe, caring home where they can regain their health and confidence.

We are exceptionally grateful for the amazing support we receive from individuals and Trusts who are able to make a significant gift of £1,000 or more. Our major supporters play a vital role in getting us closer to our vision of a world where donkeys and mules live free from suffering and their contribution to humanity is fully valued.

The far-reaching impact of our work often surprises people

  • We strive to make a lasting difference to donkeys by providing sanctuary for those in need of rescue or those that can no-longer be cared for.
  • We influence decision makers to champion the welfare, importance of donkeys, particularly across the developing world.
  • We share our world-leading research with owners and vets. Equipping them to deliver donkey care best practice across the world.
  • Our work brings huge benefit to donkey-reliant communities, helping them to survive poverty. Freeing women and children to enjoy education, paid work and lead better lives.
  • Our donkeys make a difference to people’s lives. Our specialist donkey’s innate emotional intelligence bring relief to thousands of vulnerable people every year, boosting emotional wellbeing.

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Experience the difference your major gift makes

Over the last 50 years we have had much success. Our five-year ambition outlines our plan to boost our impact. We are inviting major supporters to be at the heart of this.

Individuals and Trusts making significant donations are essential to ensuring we meet our ambitions. Our supporters include animal lovers wanting to protect donkeys from cruelty and pain, those who are focused on empowering women and children in poor communities and supporters who are keen to support our pioneering donkey science - creating sustainable and lasting change.

As a major supporter, you will be close to our work and:

  • Be connected to the work you feel most passionate about. We’ll help you find a project or area of our work that resonates with you, matched to your particular concerns and interests;
  • Enjoy bespoke support. We pride ourselves on providing personalised support to those committing to us on a significant level. Our dedicated team will ensure you are involved in way that works for you;
  • Experience the difference you make. We’ll regularly report on our achievements and offer opportunities to visit the work that you're supporting.

"Donkeys are noble, hardworking and loyal animals yet at the same time humble. They have served mankind in so many ways for so long, asking very little in return.

We greatly admire The Donkey Sanctuary’s approach to the welfare of donkeys across the developing world. Educating people to value and look after their animals, who are often their major asset, seems to us the most intelligent and sustainable way of helping to solve the many difficulties they face. The Donkey Sanctuary has our wholehearted commitment and respect."

Anna and Niels Reinbergen. Supporters since 1996.

"The Donkey Sanctuary makes a wonderful impact on the lives of donkeys and mules; Helping those in urgent need of rescue and sharing their donkey expertise across the world.

The donkey is an overlooked and undervalued animal, vital to the lives of millions of people. They have a right to a life worth living and a decent life. I’m delighted to be part of making sure The Donkey Sanctuary can continue to enable that to happen."

Lady Anne Heseltine, Supporter since 2012.

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Help us make a sustainable difference to donkeys and their owners

We’d love to talk to you about your donation can make a real difference to donkeys in need and some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Just get in touch with Hannah Roberts, Philanthropy (Trusts and Major Gifts) Team Manager on 01395 573120 or email