Whether you are looking for specific information on a behaviour problem or general advice on donkey health care, our webinars will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to help your donkey or mule.

Even if you are an experienced donkey person, there is so much high quality, up-to-date information from our experts that can help you to give your donkeys and mules a good life.

Webinar series

The donkey Sanctuary has an ambition to help improve the lives of donkeys and mules around the world, by providing relevant up-to-date resources on donkey care, welfare, behaviour, nutrition and veterinary topics. These recordings of live webinars are created to help owners, handlers, carers and the employees of organisations across the world find the information they need to improve the lives of their donkeys.

As we continue to run new monthly webinars, more recordings will become available to share with your friends and connections to help us reach more donkeys and mules.

Latest webinar

This webinar recording from 5 March 2020, focused on working with donkeys that have been abused or traumatised by previous handling and bad experiences. The rehabilitation and training of donkeys that have had negative experiences requires an holistic approach, focusing on three key elements to help and donkey become calm, confident and easy to handle. Whether in a rescue charity, not for profit or in a private home, Ben Hart explores what is required to help these traumatised animals recover and prepare them for their future happy lives. By taking an overview of the whole process as well as looking at the individual donkey, Ben will help you to formulate a safe, ethical approach to rehabilitation and give you a clear plan for donkeys in your care.

    Upcoming webinars

    Date: Tuesday 7 April 2020, 20:00 GMT
    Topic: How to think like a donkey - How donkeys hear, see, smell and think about their world
    Speaker: Ben Hart, Senior Lead Behaviour and Human Behaviour Change
    Audience: Private owners and Guardian homes

    Understanding the way your donkeys perceive their world will help you to become sympathetic to the challenges they face and allow you to be a better trainer by planning your training more successfully and effectively.

    Does your donkey or mule do strange things that don't seem to make sense? This webinar will answer questions like:

    • How good is my donkey’s memory?
    • Can they see in colour and what difference does it make anyway?
    • Why is their sense of smell so important in training?

    We will explore how their senses affect their behaviour and how the way their mind works affects our training.

    Never be in the dark again about how well your donkey can see at night and learn how all this understanding will let you think with the donkey’s mind.

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    Tuesday 7 April 2020 | 20:00 GMT

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