Whether you are looking for specific information on a behaviour problem or general advice on donkey health care, our webinars will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to help your donkey or mule.

Even if you are an experienced donkey person, there is so much high quality, up-to-date information from our experts that can help you to give your donkeys and mules a good life.

Webinar series

The donkey Sanctuary has an ambition to help improve the lives of donkeys and mules around the world, by providing relevant up-to-date resources on donkey care, welfare, behaviour, nutrition and veterinary topics. These recordings of live webinars are created to help owners, handlers, carers and the employees of organisations across the world find the information they need to improve the lives of their donkeys.

As we continue to run new monthly webinars, more recordings will become available to share with your friends and connections to help us reach more donkeys and mules.

    Latest webinar

    Maybe that isn’t just a fly bite!

    In this webinar recording, you will learn that skin diseases are some of the most common problems in donkey care. There are many different causes of skin problems from biting flies, internal parasites and sarcoids, to name a few. While skin diseases are highly visible, they often are misdiagnosed by owners and in the worse cases even mistreated. To help with your understanding of skin diseases, their diagnosis and treatment, Senior Vet at The Donkey Sanctuary, Alex Thiemann, took us on a tour of the most common skin problems and how you can best work with your vet to establish the causes and treatments.

    Packed full of information and practical advice, Alex helps to spot problems early. Learn why it is crucial to get your vet involved and the diagnostics your vet will use to establish the cause. Early diagnosis will ensure that your donkeys receive the correct treatment promptly.

    Running time: 1 hour.

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