Whether you are looking for specific information on a behaviour problem or general advice on donkey health care, our webinars will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to help your donkey or mule.

Even if you are an experienced donkey person, there is so much high quality, up-to-date information from our experts that can help you to give your donkeys and mules a good life.

Webinar series

The Donkey Sanctuary has an ambition to help improve the lives of donkeys and mules around the world, by providing relevant up-to-date resources on donkey care, welfare, behaviour, nutrition and veterinary topics. These recordings of live webinars are created to help owners, handlers, carers and the employees of organisations across the world find the information they need to improve the lives of their donkeys.

As we continue to run new monthly webinars, more recordings will become available to share with your friends and connections to help us reach more donkeys and mules.

    Latest webinar

    Introducing your donkeys to new donkeys and other animals

    For the donkeys' wellbeing we recommend keeping donkeys with their own kind. However, if you want to introduce more donkeys to your herd or a new companion to a single donkey what is the best way to ensure they all get along safely? If you have other animals, there are some important reasons that we recommend you do not keep donkeys with other livestock and these should be considered before you introduce your donkeys to goats, sheep, dogs, chicken and other livestock.

    This webinar explores the safest ways to introduce donkeys to other donkeys and mules.

    We examine the importance of individual character in pairing donkeys and the best ways to ensure your new donkeys settle in well before they meet their potential new companions.

    We also consider the needs and suitability of donkeys living with other animals and why this isn’t a good idea, and what you can do if you have multiple species on your property to help them all get along.

    Running time: 1 hour.

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