2020 became a truly exceptional year as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold in March, presenting the charity with one of the biggest challenges in its 51-year history, as total consolidated income reduced to £37m (2019: £43m), including £32.4m (2019: £38.4m) from donation and legacy income.

As a result of the pandemic we had to adapt many aspects of our activities, particularly those overseas, which resulted in a reduction of our expenditure including capital to £44.2m (2019: £48.2m), a reduction of 8.3%. While we have adapted many of our projects and programmes to cope with the impact of the pandemic, we have retained our overarching strategic goals, turning many of the challenges we face into opportunities, continuing to invest in strategic programmes of work and being mindful of retaining flexibility by adjusting our plans including our financial projections.

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