Other research

Further research that may be of interest to you is listed below. This research was conducted by institutions other than The Donkey Sanctuary.


The equine acute abdomen.
Autochthonous breeds in the Iberian space: a sustainable resource.
Equine dentistry.
Management and care of donkeys - a manual for Zamorano-Leonês and Miranda donkeys’ breeders.

Book chapters

M. Quaresma, A. M. F. Martins, J. B. Rodrigues, Miguel Nóvoa

Journal articles

Emanueala Dalla Costa, Francesca Dai, Leigh Margaret Anne Murray, Simona Cannas, E. Canali, Adroaldo Jose Zanella, Michela Minero
Susan L. Roberts, Joanna Dukes-McEwan
Amy K. McLean, Wei Wang, F. Navas-Gonzalez, J. B. Rodrigues
Nora Matthews, J. P. A. M. van Loon
D. A. Grosenbaugh, C. R. Reinemeyer, D. Figueiredo
Intestinal parasitism in a population of donkeys (equus asinus) regulary dewormed, North-east Portugal.
Sérgio Ramalho Sousa, J. B. Rodrigues, Miguel Nóvoa, S. Mora, R. Paiva, L. .M. Madeira de Carvalho
Infection by theileria equi and babesia caballi in Zamorano-Leonês donkeys in Zamora Province (Spain).
J. B. Rodrigues, Sérgio Ramalho Sousa, A. Gonçalves, Anabela Almeida, L. .M. Madeira de Carvalho
Melissa D. Sinclair, Katrina L. Mealey, Nora Matthews, Ken E. Peck, Tex S. Taylor, Brad S. Bennett