Veterinary Record

Veterinary Record is the official journal of the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and has been published weekly since 1888. It contains news, opinion, letters, scientific reviews and original research papers and communications on a wide range of veterinary topics, along with disease surveillance reports, obituaries, careers information, business and innovation news and summaries of research papers in other journals.

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Journal articles
J. B. Rodrigues, Chris Garrett, Stuart L. Norris, Francisco Albuquerque, Luís Queijo, Fiona Cooke, Andrew Judge
J. B. Rodrigues, Rebekah Sullivan, Andrew Judge, Stuart L. Norris, Faith A. Burden
Joseph A. Collins, Patrick Wall, Vivienne Duggan
Alexandra K. Thiemann, Andy Foxcroft
Susan L. Roberts, Joanna Dukes-McEwan
J. B. Rodrigues, Padraic M. Dixon, E. Bastos, Fidel San Roman, Carlos A. A. Viegas
Richard Fox, Alexandra K. Thiemann, D. Everest, Falko Steinbach, A. Dastjerdi, C. Finnegan
Ruth Cox, Faith A. Burden, Christopher Proudman, Andrew F. Trawford, Gina L. Pinchbeck
Mulugeta Getachew, Giles T. Innocent, Andrew F. Trawford, Feseha Gebreab, Stuart W. Reid, Sandy Love
Alexandra K. Thiemann, Matshidi M. Makhembini, Vicky S. Grove
R. Keith Powell, Nick J. Bell, T. Abreha, K. Asmamaw, H. Bekelle, T. Daiwit, K. Itsay, Feseha Gebreab