Journal of Comparative Pathology

The Journal of Comparative Pathology is an International, English language, peer-reviewed journal which publishes full length articles, short papers and review articles of high scientific quality on all aspects of the pathology of the diseases of domesticated and other vertebrate animals.

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Journal articles
Georgios Paraschou, Jesus Buil, Dorina Timofte, Simon L. Priestnall
Georgios Paraschou, Alejandro Suarez-Bonnet, Vicky S. Grove, S. L. Priestnall
Neil Hudson, G. T. Pearson, I. G. Mayhew, Christopher Proudman, Faith A. Burden, Constance Fintl
Nicole du Toit, L. M. Genovese, R. G. Dalziel, Sionagh H. Smith
Lisa Morrow, Ken C. Smith, Richard J. Piercy, Nicole du Toit, Faith A. Burden, Gabriela Olmos, Neville G. Gregory, Kristien Verheyen
Constance Fintl, Neil Hudson, G. T. Pearson, John Gallagher, I. G. Mayhew