Operational support team

Research and operations team

The Donkey Sanctuary’s operational support team works to develop and deliver high quality operational-support services for donkey welfare projects globally.

Our team consists of trained experts who provide direct technical assistance to The Donkey Sanctuary’s sustainable donkey-welfare and research programmes, which are often run in collaboration with global partners. We are assigned to projects either as individuals or in teams, to work on short-term assignments or as part of a wider, on-going programme.

We work with the other teams in The Donkey Sanctuary to develop competency in all areas of technical expertise including behaviour, welfare assessment, education, saddlery and harness.

We also undertake the collection and analysis of impact-assessment data and case studies, and develop, monitor and evaluate approaches to assess the impact of our expertise. To ensure the broadest impact of our work, we develop mentoring and training programmes to provide further dissemination of technical skills globally, using a competency-development approach.