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Working worldwide - Sanctuary support

Donkeys at Il Rifugio degli Asinelli

News in brief

With nearly 50 years of experience working with donkeys, we are a global centre of excellence. As the go-to experts, we help sanctuaries all over the world with advice and research to ensure their donkeys have a good life and to protect their welfare. In most cases, more donkeys can be reached if they stay with their owners under better conditions so we also support sanctuaries who want to extend their care and protection to animals in the community.

A brighter future for donkeys

We have been working with Anegria, a Belgian donkey sanctuary based in Stekene, East Flanders. Through this collaboration our own experts have been training a new generation of donkey care professionals of vets, farriers and physiotherapists who have mostly trained in horses.

By training the next generation of professionals our work will have a lasting impact and could help every donkey in Belgium who haven’t had access to specialist care. Our work will also impact those children and adults who will benefit from donkey interactions.

By working alongside charities like Anegria and by investing our expertise we will be raising the profile of donkeys in Belgium and improving their welfare for generations to come.