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Working worldwide

Donkeys and mules are found all over the world, with an estimated population of some 50 million. These trusting, intelligent animals contribute so much to mankind the world over - they prop up entire communities by working hard – but many are suffering and need our help right now.

Like these animals, we are also working hard, and we won’t rest until donkeys and mules live free from pain and suffering, and their contribution to humanity is fully valued.

Whether it is rescue work or life-saving veterinary care, training vets or educating future generations of donkey owners, campaigning or lobbying, we exist to help and make a difference. Read about our far-reaching work and the latest news from our teams on the ground.

Find out about our international work, where we work and read the latest news from our teams on the ground.

Donkeys in the community

We work directly to improve the lives of donkeys and the people who rely on them across the world. In communities where donkeys bring water, firewood, food and other essentials to the home, donkeys are often seen as ‘part of the family’ as their contribution to the whole family is so key. In other areas, donkeys are rented out to young people whose livelihood is delivering goods on the fringes of towns and cities.

Find out how we improve the lives of these donkeys and work directly with the people who rely on them to improve harnessing, routine care and other practices.

A voice for donkeys

There are over 50 million donkeys in the world yet people don’t always value or understand the hidden but enormous role donkeys play in our lives. By raising awareness of the needs of donkeys and their value to humanity, we can raise their status and make the ‘hidden donkey’ more visible.

Found out how we work at local, national and international levels to push for changes in laws for better protection and greater recognition of donkeys and the people who rely on them.

Global issues

We carefully monitor the welfare issues affecting donkeys on a global level, and we move quickly to resolve them. Donkeys are working in some of the toughest conditions you can imagine such as brick kilns and building sites. Wild populations are under threat. Donkeys are still exploited in entertainment and most recently we’ve helped exposed how they are being farmed for their skins. We are concerned about every issue that means a donkey suffers.

Find out how we work throughout the world to understand and track the emerging welfare problems.

Sharing expertise

While vets, farriers and animal health assistants around the world are in a position to be some of the frontline champions of donkey welfare, they can often qualify from university or college without ever seeing a donkey. Despite being so crucial to rural lives and urban livelihoods, the low status of donkeys means that they are all too easily overlooked by health professionals.

Find out how we work with universities and colleges worldwide to prepare these future donkey champions with the donkey focussed skills, attitudes and knowledge they need for a lifelong career.


The lives of donkeys can be as complex as the lives of the people who rely on them.

Find out how we work collaboratively with other animal welfare organisations, local and national governments and organisations working to improve human welfare, so we can understand the real situation better and work in a better way to improve the whole lives of both donkeys and people.

Sanctuary support

With nearly 50 years of experience working with donkeys, we are a global centre of excellence. As the go-to people, we help sanctuaries all over the world with advice and research to ensure their donkeys have a good life and to protect their welfare.

In most cases, more donkeys can be reached if they stay with their owners under better conditions so we also support sanctuaries who want to extend their care and protection to animals in the community.

Find out how we offer advice and help to other charities and organisations.

More news

Read the latest news from our teams on the ground helping to transform lives.