Only 26% of people considered donkeys as curious when polled by YouGov. There are a number of factors that can influence a donkey’s curiosity; learn more here.

Why does this myth exist?

The natural caution of the donkey can be perceived as a lack of curiosity. This can be magnified if the donkey has negative past experiences. The donkey’s sense of self-preservation coupled with its strong memory will ensure it avoids certain situations that may be perceived as dangerous, which can then be misinterpreted as a lack of curiosity.

How can I encourage my donkey’s curiosity?

Donkeys possess a natural, slightly fearful, curiosity. Increasing the living standard of a donkey will help bolster this sense of curiosity If they’re allowed to exist in a naturally loving and kind environment, you’ll find that donkeys naturally begin to investigate things and be more willing to experience new situations.

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