There are eight live webcams at our Sidmouth sanctuary available to watch for free across the world. These give our supporters the chance to check in on our herd remotely, including our nine Sidmouth adoption donkeys.

Cameras can be found at all five of our adoption donkeys’ shelters, as well as at Beach Boxes (miniature donkeys) and Buffalo Barn (Poitou donkeys).

Viewing times

Our webcams are active around the clock, but due to limited outdoor lighting at the sanctuary, the best time to see the donkeys is during daylight hours. You may also find that the donkeys prefer to take shelter while it’s raining, as unlike horses, they don’t have a waterproof coat.

If you’d like to check in on some of our donkeys during the night or on a rainy day, try watching the Main Barn (inside) camera.

Donkey behaviour

While watching our live webcams, you may see donkeys that appear to be fighting. Please be assured that this is not the case – this is simply how donkeys play with each other.

You might see them rearing, bucking, nipping or chasing each other as they play-fight, but this is perfectly normal behaviour and should not be a cause for concern.

To learn more, read our understanding donkey behaviour factsheet.

Camera positioning

All eight of our cameras are positioned towards our donkeys’ hardstanding or sandy areas by default as this is where they spend the majority of their time.

During the warmer months of the year, the donkeys are turned out regularly to graze in surrounding paddocks. When this occurs, our cameras are often temporarily repositioned towards these areas where possible, before being returned to their default positions at the end of the day.

At certain times of the year, more expansive grazing areas are opened up for our Main Barn herd. Unfortunately, this space is not visible to the Main Barn (outside) webcam. Although viewers may not be able to see the donkeys grazing, they will continue to visit their barn as they please for shelter, straw and water.

Our webcams are not continuously observed by staff, so we cannot guarantee that donkeys will be in frame at all times. Our camera positions are specially-selected to show the donkeys as much as possible, but are limited as to how big of an area they can display.

Our cameras can only be repositioned during normal office hours (Monday to Friday, 08:30 – 16:30). Unfortunately, this means that they must remain in a single position over weekends and bank holidays, regardless of donkey movements during these times.

Please note that due to limited resources, cameras cannot be moved on request from viewers under any circumstances.

Technical faults

From time to time, minor technical faults can interrupt our webcam streams. These faults are usually resolved quickly, but can return cameras to their default positions. In the case of a more severe issue, a status message will be added to the page of the affected camera to keep viewers updated.

To report a technical problem with any of the webcams, please contact us.

Browser compatibility

To view our webcams, you need to be using a browser that supports HTML5. Check if your browser is compatible by running a HTML5 test.

For optimal viewing, we recommend using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.