Join us here at 5pm on Friday 13 December to get a pinch of Christmas magic - featuring the all-important donkeys - streamed straight to your device.

Every year we welcome supporters to join us in an evening of Christmas carols with our Candlelight Service at The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth.

Thousands of candles will be lit around the sanctuary from 3pm onwards, providing the perfect festive atmosphere for our congregation of two and four-legged friends.

The 45 minute Christmas carol service will begin at 5pm in Main Barn. Watch the live stream here with the sound on to experience The Donkey Sanctuary's Candlelight - no matter where you are.

Our Main Barn residents

Among the herd in Main Barn will be adoption donkeys (and dare we say local celebrities) Bonnie and Ruby. As the two tallest donkeys in the herd, the pair certainly attract plenty of attention. Accustomed to the spotlight, last year Ruby led the donkeys in a chorus of braying just as the congregation began to sing Little Donkey.

Adopt a donkey - the Christmas gift that gives back to donkeys in need

When you adopt a donkey as a gift, your ongoing support will be going directly towards the care of rescued donkeys in our UK and European sanctuaries, but it will also reach donkeys in need around the world too.

Your gift will buy food and medicine, pay for vets and farriers, and it will be used for education and training new donkey owners. Most importantly of all, it enables us to rescue helpless donkeys from hopeless situations.

Get the perfect Christmas gift

With 22 adorable donkeys to choose from, you'll be sure to find a perfect match.