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Feeding policy

We ask that you do not feed the donkeys as it encourages them to expect food from everyone and fingers can look deceptively like carrots to a donkey. Some foods also present a choking hazard. Kindly pass any treats to staff in the Visitor Centre who will ensure they are distributed to the donkeys at feeding time.

Adopt a donkey and be part of our journey forever

Come and meet our adoption donkeys and make a friend for life. We run Meet the Groom sessions every morning and afternoon, which offer the chance for you to get to know our adoption donkeys better and hear about their latest stories. Ask our staff in the Visitor Centre for the times of these sessions.

By adopting one of our fun-loving donkeys you will really get to know them and be part of their lives. Your money will go towards looking after your donkey as well as supporting our donkeys across the world.

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