These homemade granola breakfast pots are a great way to start your day but they also make a great snack too. This homemade version is easy to make and much healthier than the ready-made options available from the supermarket, packed with delicious and good-for-you ingredients. 


For the granola:

500 g rolled oats
250 g chopped walnuts
125 g sunflower seeds
125 g pumpkin seeds
175 g raisins
175 g dried cranberries
125 ml rapeseed oil
100 ml runny honey or maple syrup

For the red berry coulis:

300 g red berries, e.g. raspberries, redcurrants
100 g caster sugar

For the pots: 

Handful of fresh berries e.g. blackberries, raspberries, blueberries
Greek or soya yoghurt
Edible flowers (optional)


For the granola:

  1. Preheat oven to 170C/150C fan/gas mark 3 
  2. Combine all the ingredients except dried fruit in a large bowl and mix well. 
  3. Spread evenly on baking trays and cook for 30-35 minutes, stirring frequently to ensure even colouring.
  4. Cool before adding the dried fruits.

For the red berry coulis:

  1. Crush fruits in a pan, add the sugar and cook over medium heat, stirring well until all the sugar is dissolved.
  2. Push through a strainer and discard the pips.
  3. Leave to cool.

Assemble the pots:

  1. Layer the coulis, fresh berries, yoghurt and granola into glasses and decorate with edible flowers for an extra flourish.


Prepare and cook the granola ahead of time and store it in air-tight container for up to a month, for use as and when required.

The fresh coulis will last up to one week in the fridge but you can also freeze it for future use, either in a freezer bag/container or ice-cube trays for individual portions.

Makes 20 portions (approximately).

* Contains nuts.