We are one big family pulling together for donkeys, and we are looking towards a brighter new year with you by our side.

With heartfelt thanks from all your friends at The Donkey Sanctuary

Your support keeps donkeys at the heart of our family

Thanks to your loyal support, our donkeys have remained safe and healthy throughout these challenging times. Below are some of this year's happiest stories, where your support helped us bring joy into the life of the donkeys under our care.

Nettle, Anthony, Roger and Samuel

Nettle, Anthony, Roger and Samuel joined our family here at The Donkey Sanctuary in 2016 as part of a larger group. The group found their herd at our Paccombe Farm site in Sidmouth, and since arriving Nettle and Anthony have become good pals and spend a lot of time together. Samuel is a nervous boy but is coming out of his shell more and more.

Meanwhile, Roger has found a new place to call home with our wonderful Donkey Guardians Wendy and Mark Lockett. Roger is enjoying all the love and fuss he receives in his Guardian home, and has bonded with two other donkeys, Chocolate and Cocoa, who he lives with.

Wendy says: “Roger has benefitted so much from The Donkey Sanctuary's wonderful care by teaching him to feel safe and letting him gain people's trust. Nothing phases him now. If anyone comes to visit, he is so inquisitive and just has to meet them. He is a healthy, happy donkey and he loves grooming and a good ear rub now and then. He loves Milo, our Jack Russell and carrots”

The homely atmosphere has helped Roger form a close friendship with Cocoa, who is a very clever and gentle donkey. Together with Chocolate, the trio spend their days tussling over welly boots and lapping up the love and scratches offered to them by their Guardians. Nettle, Anthony and Samuel have now fully settled in at Paccombe Farm family and spend their days spreading joy to all they meet.

From the donkeys at our sanctuaries and Guardian homes, through to our supporters, visitors and Donkey Guardians, we are so lucky to have such a wonderful family by our side.

Lockie, the foal

Honeybee with her foal Lockie

Lockie was born on Easter Monday at one of our Irish sanctuaries. Shy at first, he has grown in confidence and now approaches the farm staff for rubs and cuddles. He has also found a friend in Dinky, another foal who was born within weeks of Lockie.

They both enjoy galloping and playing around the paddock as they continue to grow as part of the main herd. It is hoped that with your continued support they will find a loving Guardian home as forever friends.

Connie, David and Theo

Connie and Jelly

Rescued on a wintery New Year's Eve morning, these three donkeys have blossomed under our care. Thanks to your support we have been able to provide them with a loving home in Yorkshire and helped introduce them to some new loving friends.

David and Theo now live together at our Leeds sanctuary where they are being prepared to be rehomed as a pair. Connie has found a forever friend in Jelly who she loves to spend time with and groom daily.

From us, and them, thank you for all your support this year.