Your support can help donkeys look to a brighter future

Donkeys like Jonty and Snowdrop have been able to fully recover thanks to people like you. Help us to continue our life-saving work for donkeys in their hour of need.

Snowdrop's healed eye in black and white
Snowdrop's eye has healed and her sight is safe following surgery and chemotherapy.
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Your donation will not only reach donkeys in the UK - it will help donkeys and mules all across the world.


Thankfully, Jonty and Snowdrop had access to world class care at The Donkey Sanctuary. To keep reaching out to sick and injured donkeys, we ask for your compassion and generosity.

Make a difference today.


£20 could help pay for the medication needed to treat painful eye conditions.

Donkey check

£40 could help pay for the specialist eye equipment our vets need to take a closer look at the inner workings of a donkey’s eyes and help detect problems.


£100 could help pay for the running costs of our diode laser – the equipment we use to remove sarcoids from our donkeys.