Donkeys are the most wonderful animals who bring such joy and happiness with their loving and trusting natures. They can make you smile with the faces they pull, the way they gallop around their fields or the love they have for their bonded friends.

The Donkey Sanctuary has grown from a charity rescuing UK donkeys from neglect and abuse to an international animal welfare organisation transforming the lives of millions of donkeys and mules, and the people who depend on them for their livelihood.

Donkeys with welly boot
Donkey enrichment - playing with a welly boot
Playful donkeys with wellington boot
Donkeys love having a ‘wellie’ good time at The Donkey Sanctuary.

Looking after the mental well-being of our donkeys and mules is very important to us as it can affect both their physical health and behaviour.

In their natural environment, donkeys can walk up to 12 miles a day in search of food. While the donkeys at the sanctuary are extremely lucky to live with us, it only takes them a couple of hours to take in all the nutrition they need through the grass and straw available to them. Introducing new and novel objects (such as wellington boots) to the donkeys helps to replicate a natural environment while also keeping them active, excited and mentally stimulated.

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