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A new foal being born is a very happy moment and thanks to you The Donkey Sanctuary is able to make sure that they enjoy the best start in life.

By choosing to donate you will be helping more donkeys like Lockie live a happy, healthy life.


Our world may have been put on pause, but try telling that to Mother Nature.

Birds are still singing, flowers are still blossoming and donkeys are being born into the world. Donkeys like Lockie, our happy little lockdown foal.

Honeybee with her foal Lockie
Lockie with groom
Honeybee's foal, Lockie
Lockie with mum Honeybee.

It doesn’t happen very often due to our no breeding policy, but when donkeys in our care give birth to a foal it’s a truly special event – especially in such difficult circumstances. Lockie was born at our sanctuary in Ireland just as the coronavirus crisis started to take hold.

Mum Honeybee had arrived into our care in 2019 already in foal – making it hard to tell exactly when she was due. Our Head of Veterinary Services was sure that Honeybee would soon start producing milk, which meant that the birth was not far away.

Then on the evening of Easter Monday, we saw a small shape standing behind his mum in her barn. It was the foal! Still wet from just being born but looking as healthy as can be.

A new foal being born is a very happy moment and thanks to you our team is able to make sure that Lockie enjoys the best start in life.

Your donations are spreading the joy every single day at The Donkey Sanctuary.

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