From the shadow of neglect to a brighter future

Dalston was one of fourteen miserable donkeys rescued from a life of suffering, thanks to people like you.

And help save more donkeys from the shadow of neglect


We discovered Dalston and his group of donkey friends surviving in terrible conditions beside a busy motorway in the north of England. Knee-deep in mud with a dirty, lice-infested coat, Dalston had no suitable shelter to protect him from the harsh weather. His hooves were so painful, overgrown and twisted that he struggled to walk. No-one was taking proper care of Dalston – he was in desperate need of help.

Thanks to the kindness of people like you, Dalston and all his donkey friends were saved from a life of neglect and taken to safety. They received expert veterinary care, a warm straw bed and lots of love and affection.

Over the following months, Dalston made great progress in recovering from his ordeal. He has recently joined our Rehoming Scheme with his best friend Brisco and is now part of a loving new family. Thanks to you, Dalston won’t have to spend this Christmas knee-deep in mud. He will be enjoying the festive season surrounded by people who love him, with all the warmth and comfort he deserves.

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£10 could help pay for a warm comfortable bed for rescued donkeys, helping them feel safe and secure.

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£20 could help pay for a visit from a farrier to examine and treat long and painful hooves, just like Dalston’s.

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£40 could help pay for vital medication and treatments that so many rescued donkeys need.

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