From ignored to adored

Once neglected and ignored, Rupert and Toby are now safe and adored, thanks to people like you.

And help save more donkeys from being neglected and ignored


We discovered Rupert and Toby living in a filthy pen, severely neglected and deprived of appropriate care and attention. They were surviving in terrible conditions, both dangerously underweight and with significant hair loss. Their hooves were so overgrown and twisted they were unable to walk or stand properly. They had been neglected and ignored for a long time.

Thanks to generous people like you, Rupert and Toby were saved from a life of pain and neglect and taken to safety. They received expert veterinary care, nutritious food to aid their recovery and all the love and attention they had so sadly missed.

Following months of recovery and rehabilitation, and with their health restored, the two best friends joined The Donkey Sanctuary’s Rehoming Scheme. Now happily settled in their forever home with a loving family, these two adorable donkeys spend their days contentedly grazing and enjoying lots of love and attention from the whole family.

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£10 can help pay for a warm straw bed so rescued donkeys can feel safe and loved.

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£20 can help pay for nutritious feed to aid the recovery of rescued donkeys like Rupert and Toby, keeping them in good health.

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£40 can help pay for a visit from the farrier to give rescued donkeys relief from painful, overgrown hooves.

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