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The demand for donkey skins is showing no signs of diminishing and traders are now targeting donkeys living in the wild populations in Brazil.

Donkeys in Sudouest holding compound
Donkeys awaiting slaughter at a holding compound in Itapetinga, Brazil in September 2018, which has since been closed down. (Picture credit: Frente Nacional de Defesa dos Jumentos)
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For the first time, The Donkey Sanctuary and its Brazilian partners, formed as the National Donkey Taskforce, have significant evidence that the international trade in donkey skins is now reaching South America.

Donkeys living in the wild in Brazil are now being targeted by traders and ‘harvested’ for their skins, which are used to produce the traditional medicine, ejiao. We believe these traders are exploiting a law that has been in place for over 20 years that all livestock found roaming on highways (feral or owned) are confiscated and sent to holding compounds, with limited welfare measures in place to protect the animals.

Feral donkeys in Brazil
Feral donkeys 2
Donkeys in Brazil

We are only able to send a team to investigate this situation in Brazil thanks to the generous ongoing support we receive from people like you. This support means that we can be responsive to donkeys in times of desperate need.

If you’d like to help further, please make a donation and give whatever you can. Keep checking our website and social media pages for the latest updates on our progress in Brazil and to find out other ways in which you can help.