Help for exhausted brick kiln donkeys

Every day donkeys like Gadhi work tirelessly, carrying up to 35 unbearably heavy loads in Nepal's brick kilns. 

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Physically exhausted, she struggles through nine-hour days, six days a week in temperatures up to 40oc. Life is hard for working donkeys and mules like Gadhi, which is why we collaborate with Animal Nepal to improve their conditions.

The shelter for Gadhi and her friends is poorly built, and poses a danger to the animals it houses. Recently, Gadhi cut her leg on a sheet of corrugated iron as she entered the small, dark enclosure. Her wound became infected and she struggled to work. Without urgent treatment, she would have died in agony.

While Animal Nepal's veterinary team is based close to the kiln sites and are able to give donkeys like Gadhi immediate relief, there is still much work to do to educate owners, build more shelters and make a sustainable, long-term difference.

Please donate today to improve conditions for more donkeys like Gadhi. Your donation, however small, will make a difference.

Animal Nepal

Thanks to your support, progress is already being made. In the Lalitpur and Dhading districts of Nepal, a specialist team works from a clinic close to the brick kilns. While treating the donkeys and mules, the team is also there to train the owners so that they become more independent in looking after their animals. 

Thanks to our work in Nepal: 

  • Donkeys like Gadhi carry lighter loads each day
  • All working donkeys now have a rest day per week instead of working seven full days
  • Many donkeys now eat more nutritious, green food and are given mineral and vitamin supplements
  • Donkeys now have rest breaks during the working day to drink and shelter from the sun.

With the help of Animal Nepal, the Government of Nepal has legislated working animal welfare, bringing about lasting change for years to come.

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International Working Animal Day

This year, International Working Animal Day takes place on Friday, 15 June. On this day we will be recognising the mules and donkeys who work tirelessly for their owners. With your help we can make lasting improvements to their lives. #InternationalWorkingAnimalDay