Great strides are being made for donkeys around the world. Whether it’s providing veterinary treatment at our donkey hospital in Devon, or giving support to working donkeys overseas, it’s all because of you.

Our donkeys can't thank you themselves - but we can.


Your support has helped the four-legged stars of this video find sanctuary for life. Keep reading to find out more about their journeys...


Sight for poor eyes

When a sharp thorn became painfully embedded into Jonty’s hoof, the stress of the injury and being taken into hospital possibly triggered the recurrence of a chronic eye problem. It was so bad that he temporarily lost his sight! But, because of you, our expert vets have been able to nurse him back to health and Jonty can see once again.

Protecting Pedro from pain

Tied to a tree in southern Spain, with no water or shelter from the sweltering sun, Pedro needed urgent care. Because of you, our team were able to take the neglected donkey into a safe space to treat his wounds and build his strength. Our staff have been able to give Pedro everything he needs to make a full recovery.

A lifetime of loving care

Donkeys can live into their 40s and even their 50s, and just like us, they need a little extra care in old age. Because of you, elderly donkeys like Darcy are given the life of sanctuary they deserve. Meet some of the ‘Golden Oldies’ who are benefitting from your support.

Sweetness and light

On occasion pregnant donkeys come into our care, and when they do, both mare and foal are offered sanctuary for life. Sweet Pea was the first foal of 2019 to arrive, and because of you she is growing into a happy, healthy donkey, enjoying the expert care of our dedicated vets and grooms.

From us, and them, thank you.