Donkey Owner Care Pack


A useful pack of tools for owners to monitor the health and wellbeing of their donkeys.


The sheets come in a durable wipe clean material that is handy to keep in the field.

The pad for monitoring the quality of life allows you to record specific indicators on a regular basis and to report any changes or trends to your vet, farrier, dental technician or other professional. They could also be useful for monitoring recovery following illness or surgery.

Pack includes:

  • Donkey Weight Estimator - for estimating a donkey's weight using the recognised heart - girth measurement.
    Size: W21 cm x H29.7 cm.
  • Monitoring your donkeys quality of life - designed to aid owners and carers to objectively monitor their donkey or mules quality of life by assessing 29 contributory indicators. 20 pages per pad.
    Size: W29.7 cm x H21 cm.
  • Donkey Body Condition Score Chart - guide to a hands on approach for accurately scoring the body condition of a donkey.
    Size: W21 cm x H29.7cm.
  • Example Diets: For the mature, pregnant and lactating donkey - for a range of scenarios including seasons, weight loss, dental disease, pregnancy and lactation.
    Size: W21 cm x H29.7cm.