The Clinical Companion of Donkey Dentistry


The Clinical Companion of Donkey Dentistry is an easy reference book for all professionals working in animal health care and is one of a series of specialist books that will complement our main textbook, The Clinical Companion of the Donkey.

Book format

This book provides a guide to the anatomical features of the head and oral cavity of the donkey, offering a greater understanding of the oral and dental disorders that may affect these animals throughout their life, and how to correctly examine, diagnose, prevent and/or treat pathological situations. It also features a handy list of definitions of common dental disorders affecting donkeys.
Dentistry is extremely important to the health and welfare of donkeys globally, but it is misunderstood and undervalued by many communities. This easy-to-read, well-illustrated reference guide shares our vast knowledge and experience in donkey-specific dentistry, which we believe will not only increase awareness but also the confidence of professionals in carrying out dental care and treatment in donkeys.

Size: Size: W23.5cm  x H17 cm.