I Spy Book - On The Motorway


These books are full of wonderful facts and photographs that encourage children to notice the world around them and win points into the bargain.

Book format

A creative variation of the classic I-spy car game, these fabulous books encourage children to win points by taking note of the world around them. Examine the pictures and then collect points for spotting things in the world. At the seaside you’ll earn 10 points for spotting a jellyfish and 15 if you’re lucky enough to see an urchin. In nature you’ll get 5 points for spotting a dandelion and 15 for dry-stone walling. Earn 1,000 points and win a special I-Spy badge and certificate!

Fully illustrated with great photographs, and robust enough to survive many journeys and adventures.

Size: W10.5 cm x H15 cm, 64 pages.