A Donkey Doctor's Diary


The third part of Dr Elisabeth Svendsen's autobiography covers the ten years from 1992 as The Donkey Sanctuary expanded beyond the confines of rural Devon.

Book format

This is the third part of our founder's biography, and tells the continuing story of the organisation that became the worldwide charity we know today as The Donkey Sanctuary. With her customary humour and compassion, Dr Elisabeth Svendsen tells the story of mistreated donkeys and how they were rescued, and describes some of her more unusual experiences.

This paperback book begins in 1992 when the author was made a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, and chronologically recounts the next ten years as The Donkey Sanctuary reached out into the wide world beyond the rolling hills of Devon.

Author: Elisabeth Svendsen, MBE.

Size: W17 cm x H24.4 cm, 224 pages.